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17 Nov Control Variables – Moderator Approach

In continuation of the discussion on selecting control variables. Moderation approach is used when two different variables co-influence the dependent variable, or each one of them determine the marginal effect of other one (Hayes, 2017). In economics it is called catalyst effect or cross product...

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16 Nov Finding Control Variables From Scratch

One of the common problem with starting new student papers, thesis and research papers is that, the selection of topic may guide in selection of the main independent variable and/or the dependent variable but selection of other controlling variables are haphazard, without have thought process...

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16 Nov Control Variables – Dis-aggregation Approach

In continuation of the discussion on selecting control variables. In disaggregation approach we decompose GDP into its sub components to increase number of independent variables rather than using GDP itself. Strategy 2a: Sector-wise Disaggregation The first type is the use of sector wise decomposition of GDP i.e....

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16 Nov Control Variables – Growth Theory Channel

In continuation of the discussion on selecting control variables. If your dependent variable is social, economic or financial then it is closely related to economic activity (GDP), and since GDP is related to every other variable, so you can use the most common model of GDP...

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16 Nov Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

While working on student papers, student thesis or research papers, most of the student find difficulty in finding ways to interpret the data using the table. In this blog, econistics will provide your some insights what can be done with the descriptive statistics table using...

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06 Jul Chapter 4 – ARDL cointegrating bounds in R Studio

ARDL model is used when time series data variables are in mixed order of integration. Importing libraries library(dynlm) #for dynamic lag modelslibrary(zoo) #for time series functionslibrary(readxl) #for reading excel filelibrary(tidyverse) #for data manuplationlibrary(lmtest) #for coeftest and bptestlibrary(TTR) #for time series functionslibrary(sandwich) #for variance covariance matriceslibrary(car) #for durbinwatson...

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