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05 Apr Chapter 1 – R Studio – Stepwise Regressions

This session details on estimating Stepwise regression in R Studio as a solution to weak multicollinearity. importing libraries library(tidyverse) # for data managementlibrary(readxl) # to read excel filelibrary(olsrr) # post regression tests importing data auto <- read_excel("D:/UMT notes/MPhil - MS courses/Applied Econometrics/lectures applied econometrics/lecture 6/stepwise regression/auto.xlsx") Stepwise regression swr <- lm(mpg...

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29 Mar Chapter 1 – R Studio – Detail count of post regression diagnostics for Cross sectional OLS In this session we are going through a detailed account to assess post regression diagnostics in Cross sectional OLS using R Studio. These tests include Outlier Test, Influential Observations test, Non linearity test, Non normality test, multicollinearity test, heteroskedasticity test, and autocorrelation test ...

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