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Econistics Research and Consulting is participating in Knowledge Management and Knowledge Disemmination via developing research journals under its umbrella. The themes of the journals are specifically designed to provide solutions to academic and industry based issues.

Empirical Economics and Management

Empirical Economic & Management (EEM) is a social science multidisciplinary journal published by Econistics Research and Consulting. EEM serves to entertain solution oriented topics in the fields of economics, management and sociology via stimulating though provoking intellectual debates using data science based empirical research. While doing this, EEM presents applied, multidisciplinary, collaborative and methodological manuscripts based on data science, critical thinking, and evidence based policy development.

EEM envisages to electronically publish a double blind peer-reviewed articles with the aim to i) integrate data science in economics and management research, ii) promote cross discipline integration and ideation and iii) extend the frontiers of application of theory and data science in national and international policy.  Overall EEM will aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice using application multidisciplinary data driven academic intellect in business and socio-economic issues.

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