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05 Apr Chapter 1 – R Studio – Stepwise Regressions

This session details on estimating Stepwise regression in R Studio as a solution to weak multicollinearity. importing libraries library(tidyverse) # for data managementlibrary(readxl) # to read excel filelibrary(olsrr) # post regression tests importing data auto <- read_excel("D:/UMT notes/MPhil - MS courses/Applied Econometrics/lectures applied econometrics/lecture 6/stepwise regression/auto.xlsx") Stepwise regression swr <- lm(mpg...

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03 Apr Launching Econistics YouTube Channel

Econistics in proud to announce that has officially initiated sharing econometrics and software packages related tutorials. You can visit the YouTube studio at Further we do have instagram page here and twitter handle at @post_econistics ...

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29 Mar Chapter 1 – R Studio – Detail count of post regression diagnostics for Cross sectional OLS In this session we are going through a detailed account to assess post regression diagnostics in Cross sectional OLS using R Studio. These tests include Outlier Test, Influential Observations test, Non linearity test, Non normality test, multicollinearity test, heteroskedasticity test, and autocorrelation test ...

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