Econistics Research and Consulting | Econistics Provides List of Popular Journal Finder Platforms
Thompson Reuters, Endnote, Scopus, Impact Factor, SSCI, SCI, ESCI
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Appropriate Journal Finding Platforms lists down the popular journal locating platforms. These platforms takes the title, abstract and discipline of the manuscript and provides you with the list of appropriate journals with some matching index or percentage. Each source have its own unique way to find journals.

Previously people used to find the appropriate journals using their experience and scrolling through the JCR list journals. The second method is to see the most cited journal in references.

Here you will get accustomed with the popular platforms. Search form these platforms will assist you in optimizing your journal locating to decision to manuscript times.

Master Journal List – Match Manuscript.

Shows Master List Journals with similarity to words used in abstract. The master list journals include the impact factor journals listed in JCR list, ESCI listed and others which are listed in other categories of master list.

It also shows the impact factor value and other important categories like if there are submission charges or the journal is open access or not.


Elsevier – Journal Finder

This platform is instrumental in locating Elsevier listed journals based on the title, abstract, keywords and discipline provided.

It also provides the frequency of the journal and average response times.

Link :

Springer – Journal Suggester

Springer Journal Suggested provides the matching journals from the springer list.

It takes title, abstract and the subject area to provide the list of matched journals

Link :

Endnote – Journal Match

Endnote has developed their own journal match platform. It is accessible using endnote account only.

The advantage of this platform is that you can import your endnote reference file which increases the ability of the platform to find journals.


Edanz Group – Journal Selector

Edanz Group provides a unique platform which suggest journals beyond the master journal list too. Where you can filter the search using the impact factor value.

The advantage of this source is that once you have located a journal, it also provides you with similar papers which have been published in that journal which you can refer.


Please participate in our poll regarding the use of popular journal finder sources. Do add your experience in the comments so that the new researchers can be guided.