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29 Mar Chapter 1 – R Studio – Detail count of post regression diagnostics for Cross sectional OLS In this session we are going through a detailed account to assess post regression diagnostics in Cross sectional OLS using R Studio. These tests include Outlier Test, Influential Observations test, Non linearity test, Non normality test, multicollinearity test, heteroskedasticity test, and autocorrelation test ...

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23 Nov Control Variables – Demand – Supply Model

In continuation of the discussion on selecting control variables. Another way to set control variables is to split the model into demand and supply model. This approach is coined as demand supply equilibrium modelling using simultaneous equation approach. Popular examples of such models include (Afzal,...

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21 Nov Live Data Integration

In the realm of big data, researchers are facing issues in managing excel files of different data sets manually before entering them into the data set. Likely World Bank has provided a solution. The TCData360 platform has provided a integrate-able link to many of the...

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